I have ALWAYS been obsessed with Halloween. Dressing up is my favourite thing about it, and seeing all of the costumes each year was always the most exciting part about trick-or-treating (although, based on how many fillings I have I think it’s safe to say I was just as obsessed with the candy!) Our kids are just as obsessed and start planning out their costumes at least a year in advance. This year, our little girl opted to be a Flamingo (first photo) I LOVED her little custom made flamingo costume I ordered from Inbal Carmi Studio on Etsy.  While our little boy opted to be an Abominable Snowman (second photo).

So the first year I started business, I really wanted to offer something for trick-or-treaters. A free picture, in their costumes, so that they could always have those images to look back and remember what they were, and how awesome they looked.

These micro-mini sessions are always EXTREMELY busy, and they will be changing a bit for 2018. Stay tuned for those details closer to the fall.

Here are a few of our favourite images from our 4th annual event on Halloween, 2015. Check out our images from 2016 here! 

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