I originally met Andrea at her 30th birthday cake smash session, which was a BLAST but I think I had more fun taking her headshots at this professional portraiture session I shot of her back in November.

Andrea operates a local nail salon called Posh Nails Studio, and contacted me to take some portraits of her in her adorable home salon. Because it’s in a basement, and I’d never seen the space prior to shooting it it, I came armed with a speedlight, a strobe, a few different modifiers and my camera. I gushed at how adorable her salon was, and was SO impressed with the gorgeous mannequin she had decorated for the holidays with peacock feathers – it was STUNNING! I was so excited to get to work!

The one modifier I had, a gigantic PLM umbrella was just way too big for the space, so I figured great! I will use the speedlight/softbox combo. Only the speedlight wouldn’t fire, so here I was stuck with the modifier I had for the speedlight but only the strobe that was actually working. So I figured I could use the softbox for the speedlight on the strobe ….. BIG mistake. It wasn’t until it started smoking and we could smell plastic burning I realized just how dumb of a mistake THAT was lol – so I quickly pulled the melted softbox from my strobe and stuck that great big 86inch plm onto it.

An 86inch PLM is too small in most spaces, but in Andrea’s tiny little home salon – there was really no way to set it up nicely. Bare, the light was too harsh, it needed the benefit of the modifier, and so as awkward as it was I started shooting with that gigantic umbrella – and then Andrea yelled out “LOOK OUT!!!” I turned to see my light, stand, and giant PLM toppling backward. As I went to catch it, I nearly knocked over the gorgeous mannequin, and practically took her ceiling down in the process lol let’s just say it wasn’t one of my more graceful moments (not that I have a lot of graceful moments, I’m the biggest Klutz I know! I have fallen out of a few trees during sessions too!)

But we still captured some AMAZING shots of this beauty! I don’t get my nails done, but I LOVE stalking her instagram feed and looking at the pretty nails she designs for other people. She is SO talented!

Here are some of our favourite portraits.

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