This babe traded a massage with me last year for a hot tub mini boudoir session, but then we had issues with the hot tub and couldn’t use it for the shoot – and we wound up putting the session on hold at the end of last year and when I posted how bored I was after shooting our most recent session¬†she said “hey! I’ll book that shoot!!” SO glad she saw the post because I really needed this!

The mini boudoir session wound up being a bit more than 5 images lol but I really just couldn’t stop – she’s so easy to photograph!

This will probably be our last session posted for a while, due to Covid-19. I am so very much looking forward to this all being over and getting back to normal! If I can get out of this mental funk that I am in, I hope to do some self portraits. My mental health has really taken a hit through all of this, it was pretty bad before everything happened, (hence why we did this session) and now it just feels so hopeless.

But I know that our community is one of resilience. We can get through this together, remember to look out for your loved ones in all of this. Ask how they are doing, check in regularly. Treat EVERYONE with love and respect and kindness. We’ve got this!

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