I took these at the Heart & The Heat Boudoir Workshop in Edmonton hosted by Brina Lynne. 

Ashley and Braedyn were so sexy together and I loved how easily intimate they were with one another with so many cameras in their faces. They made it look so natural, even pressed naked up against the glass during the faux shower segment.

Brina gave excellent direction and I really learned a lot about directing couples from her. She is a great teacher, and really easy to get along with.

I got to hang out again with Brina at the workshop Joao Guedes hosted in Edmonton (which was also AMAZING!).

Boudoir is really where my heart is these days, and I am loving these workshops as a bit of extra inspiration and education. I am lucky to have learned from so many great photographers and can only continue to grow. That has always been one of my favourite things about this industry, that you are always learning. No matter how long you have been at this or how much you know, there is always someone else that can teach you something, or inspire you in another way.

Here are some of our favourite shots!

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