I captured these photos at a boudoir workshop in Edmonton hosted by João Guedes. This is the second time I was lucky enough to get to photograph Katie, I first met her towards the end of the Heart & The Heat Workshop hosted by Brina Lynne. I love photographing her, she is so comfortable in front of the camera and oozes confidence.

It was absolutely so inspiring to watch João work and his creative process. He really takes the time with each shot to get it perfect. His meticulousness and attention to detail were unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I learned so much during the two days I spent with him at the boudoir workshop. I loved, especially, how he sees light and shadow, and makes great use of the space around him.

The house the boudoir workshop was hosted in, which belonged to the family of Blondy Photography, had a retro 1970’s vibe that I loved. The bar was so much fun to photograph. I told my husband he can have his bar in the basement now, as long as he covers it in (faux) hide.


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