We photographed a few great models in a faux shower set at the Heart & The Heat Workshop with Brina Lynne. 

I had so much fun at this workshop! Boudoir is really where my heart is at these days, and I learned so much from Brina, Ashley and Riana!

Here are some of our favourite images from the “faux” shower set  – I had one built myself but broke the glass so it is out of commission but it is SO fun to shoot with – you don’t even need to get wet but can create some really hot and steamy photos as though you were!

Click on any of the images to bring up a gallery with a few more! Ruby Roxx, Ashley & Braedyn jumped into the shower for us and were so much fun to photograph!

I was happy that Brina set up the shower for us, because I had a nearly identical one built for a while but hadn’t really loved the images I shot with it. I wound up really loving the ones I captured at the workshop, and have shot a few shower sessions since!

If I ever get our shower repaired, I’ll start offering them again as add-ons to sessions. I like how different they look from shot to shot when you incorporate the neon lights too.

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