The Mall Santa experience for me was never as magical as we hoped. Our kids would always get SO excited to see Santa! So we’d dress them in cute little outfits, and line up for what felt like hours. By the time it was their turn we were all over it.  Tears, pouts, tantrums, TERROR – the sheer terror of it all, and all to get a picture that I would never really want to show anyone anyways because it looked as though I were putting my children through torture for a cute shot.

So when I started photography I knew I really, REALLY wanted to offer “Moments with Santa” Sessions. An alternative to the chaos of the Mall Santa experience where they got a bit more one-on-one time with the man in red, to get to know him, ask their questions, read a story – and I set out to find a Santa.

When introduced to Oscar Parsons via our Facebook page, I knew he would be the perfect fit! Jovial and kind, Oscar is as much a Santa as the real deal! A real white beard, eyes that twinkle, and the jolliest “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Oscar makes these sessions so much fun! He really tries his best to get a shot with every child (although through the years we have had a few hiccups!). He will get down on the floor with them to play, unwrap gifts with them and joke about how he “Always tells the elves not to put the tape on so tight!”, share milk and cookies or listen to their secrets.

Here are some of our favourite images from our inaugural year of our “Moments with Santa” Limited Edition Themed Mini Sessions in 2015. Check out 2016 here! 

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