I took these photos of the gorgeous Ruby Roxx at the Heart & The Heat Boudoir Workshop in Edmonton, that was hosted by Brina Lynne. 

This was my second time hanging out with Brina! I first got to photograph her husband and her at the Kindle 2 workshop in Edmonton, which was my first workshop experience, and really what ignited my spark for them! Now I  seem to get enough of them, although I promised my husband I’d take at least a year off in 2020.

I had so much fun at this workshop! Boudoir is really where my heart is at these days, and I learned so much from Brina, Ashley and Riana! Brina really put together a fantastic day for us with three great photographers and INCREDIBLE models who made our job so much easier.

Ashley Jackson taught this portion of the workshop where we photographed Ruby Roxx.  I found she was a great instructor as well, I enjoyed her calming voice and how gentle she was with her direction (cue the T-REX hands!).

Ruby Roxx was an absolute DREAM to photograph. I loved everything about her, from her personality and adorable laugh and smile to that INCREDIBLE body. You MUST Follow her on Instagram at @rubyroxxmodel

She is always posting content and stories to her Instagram that I love – full of body positive messages and self love and care. I’ve followed her for a while, and was SO happy to get the opportunity to photograph her at this workshop with Brina. If you don’t follow her for the constant eye candy that is her feed, her positivity is worth following all on it’s own!

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