It’s been too long cooped up – and so I decided how better to celebrate summer, than to get best friends together for a pool party and water balloon fight?

This is just a teaser of what our set will look like this summer, there is a LOT more to come!

Picture ….

balloons for each pair
some retro lawn chairs there in the top left.
and a few palm trees (possibly)
and a hammock hung there by the firepit to the right
and bubbles
more of the outdoor shower (you can see bits of it in this set)
and the garden will be grown in
and you, and your best friend <3

These will be 20 minute sessions, $350.00
I edit all of my favourite “moments” from your 20 minutes – the more you engage the more you’ll wind up getting 🙂 I will not be posing you – just play!

We really need sunshine that day, so if the weather winds up being crummy, you’ll have the option of a refund or reserving your credit for one of our future mini sessions possibly at Christmas, Valentine’s, or next summer again 🙂 Totally up to you!

Book your own best friends mini here (just have one friend book/pay, I will issue a second contract to your best friend after booking!)