Christina and I were originally planning a couple’s carnival shoot but changed our minds and made it a hot tub boudoir session at the last minute. Then, 2 minutes before she left for the shoot, it started to pour.

Frustrated, I fell asleep and woke up to her phoning. “ARE YOU SLEEPING?! IT STOPPED RAINING!!”

The sun was just setting but I told her to head over, and once she got here we realized it was going to be too dark so I pulled out the strobe and we made it work.

The hot tub set isn’t finished yet, there is more being added to it but this is a general idea of what the sessions in our wood-burning hot tub will look like. They’re perfect shoots for everyone because they can be subtly sexy and because you don’t have to worry so much about the fit of your bottoms or your bikini wax lol

Christina, as always, was amazing <3 Love these shots we captured of her! These are available as add-ons to the boudoir sessions photographed in the woods behind our home.

Contact us to book your own boudoir session in Fort McMurray!

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