I’ve always loved these gorgeous milk bath photographs and had mentioned really wanting to shoot one on our Facebook business page. So, when Melanie was staying at a rental with a great big tub surrounded in pretty light she asked if I wouldn’t want to do that there, and take some beautiful photographs of her and her absolutely adorable littlest one.

Breastfeeding sessions will always remain my favourites because of how natural they are and unscripted. Even the ones that are really staged and set up (who breastfeeds in a dress in a tub full of milk?!) still look so raw, intimate and real. I love the intimacy of it and just watching as a mama loves up on her baby and that baby loves up on her mama in return. It’s the most incredible feeling to watch, knowing how crazy-in-love I am with my own four babies.

I love Melanie and her beautiful family, her little boy was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to grow our sons hair long. Now at 4 he is constantly being called a girl, with his long wavy hair and rainbow hand-me-down jacket of his sisters, but I can’t bring myself to cut it – and he refuses anyways so so far it’s a win/win for mommy 🙂

They’re such a sweet family, and this littlest one did not disappoint with those ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE ROLLS. All the heart-eyes for those plump little thighs and arms, it was so stinking sweet. I remember when our youngest daughter Aeris was born, she was 8lbs, 15oz, so an ounce short of 9lbs. The nurses asked me if I was certain I hadn’t had gestational diabetes while pregnant she was just that chunky. We used to have to lift the rolls on her neck and thighs up and put Destitin diaper ointment under them because she would get sweaty and rashy – she looked like a plump little Michelin baby. So anytime I see a plump little girl it brings me right back to those days when I was soaking up those moments with my own littlest daughter (who is now 6 going on 16!). That’s another reason Mommy & Me sessions will always be my most favourite – because I can remember moments with my own children, and because I know – I know how quickly they grow (my oldest are already 14 and 19) – and I know you will want to remember these moments for the rest of forever, so document them! Get in the photographs with your babies and make those moments matter.

Here are some of our favourite moments from the shoot.

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