This Mommy and Me Session was in the comfort of our Client’s home just a few doors down from ours!

Our neighbour Jasmine has two of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met, and the whole family of four are so kind and welcoming (and she’s seriously the BEST baker she is always treating us to Christmas cookies and treats during the holidays and I can’t ever get a bite because my kids and husband gobble them up too quickly!).

I loved this mommy and me session she set up with her youngest. These are some of my very favourite kinds of sessions because there are no poses, no prompts necessary – it’s just so natural and fluid – mama and baby, pure love.

One of my biggest regrets is not documenting my breastfeeding journey. I am so glad to be able to offer this to other mamas, for their memories. There really is nothing that compares to the feeling of literally being the life-force for this tiny soul. Of feeling their little fingers clutch at your chest or seeing their eyes look up at you with such trust and love. Even when their fingernails would  dig and leave scratches, and their budding teeth would bite and sting, even through all those sleepless nights, there is something I miss about it all.

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