It was a beautiful day in January, 2016 when the incredibly gorgeous Cait and I met up for a wintery mini outdoor boudoir session in the Birchwood trails behind our home in Thickwood. We couldn’t believe our luck with the weather, and how we still had the trails relatively to ourselves during her portrait session.

Cate brought along a comfy sweater and knee-high socks that looked amazing on her but I couldn’t resist sticking in her in the fur coat and hat I had recently purchased on our honeymoon in Prague.

I feel so blessed to back directly onto the beautiful Birchwood trails. What a treat to have this in our back yard! If you haven’t taken the chance to explore them yet, set aside some time to do that this summer or fall. Just make sure to bring back what you take in, or even go further and bring back a bag of things discarded by people less considerate.

Here are a few of our favourite shots from Cait’s quick outdoor boudoir shoot. I really would love to shoot some  more boudoir sessions in the winter! We shoot often in the summer, but it’s a different challenge and experience and vibe for so much of the year.

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