Our kids were at their aunties last night for a sleepover, so my husband and I took an evening walk in the woods. There really is nothing like being nude in the forest, it is so liberating and calming. Really a grounding exercise if there ever was one and SO excellent for your mental health! My husband isn’t a photographer, but I am consistently impressed with the shots he gets, and wish he would just partner up with me! Here are few of the shots he captured. I wasn’t at all prepared for photos really, I hadn’t fully groomed, hadn’t even ran a brush through my greasy hair, but nature doesn’t care.

I love outdoor boudoir sessions, and am looking forward to a lot more this summer. We are so blessed in this community to be absolutely immersed in the great big beautiful woods. Get out there and enjoy them!
I may add some more portraits to this blog as I edit them, these were my favourites.

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