This boudoir session was one of my favourite to date and remains a favourite still! I grew up here in Fort McMurray, I was born here in 1981 and I’ve lived in so many of our wonderful communities. In the entire 36+ years I lived here though, I never heard one mention of this spot until one of our closest friends introduced us to it last summer. I didn’t believe him. As a new boudoir photographer in Fort McMurray, I didn’t really have a space that I could offer to clients to use other than in their homes or the great outdoors for their boudoir session so when he told me he knew of a WATERFALL I was all over that!  “No way there’s a waterfall here of any sort, I have lived here like FOREVER I would know” …. I was wrong! When we finally found the spot and I could hear the water I got excited, I mean obviously this isn’t the prettiest or cleanest “waterfall” …. it’s more than likely drain-off lol but I knew it would serve as the perfect backdrop and finally, FINALLY I had a location that the other 600+ photographers in Fort McMurray (ok that may be a slight exaggeration) weren’t all going to be using.

It’s not often you find a location like that in Fort McMurray, or really any small town with the number of photographers they are in any given area, so I am only offering these sessions on a limited basis, but message me if you are considering it as a location for your portrait session and I will let you know whether it’s possible! I know that it’s not going to be a secret spot for long, but the less people that know about it the better.

Nowell SLAYED her boudoir session. I was having so much fun with her, and we were even SO blessed that the mosquitoes stayed away until the very end of the shoot! Armed with smoke bombs and my personal assistant (aka husband) tagging along to help set them off, and to carry our change room, we trekked out to the spot and spent a few hours splashing in the water, setting off huge clouds of coloured smoke, and soaking up the sunshine. It was perfect and I can not wait to shoot here again this summer!

Here are some of our favourite shots.

And PS. I love you Richard (the friend who introduced us to this awesome spot) thank you! Oh and we now have a beautiful little indoor suite to use, in case you just aren’t up for being in states of undress in a public setting

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