I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the Pot-Luck we are throwing with the Drop in “Stoner Sessions” for anyone willing to have their images displayed publicly on my social media.

Our kids will be heading to Grandma and Grandpa’s next week and so we decided to have a party. Because I don’t drink though, and my husband and all of our friends DO but don’t smoke pot, I am usually feeling a bit left out of the events we host. So I decided to invite some of the members from the Marijuana and Cannabis Enthusiast’s Page on Facebook that I host to our event, and then thought why not use this as a way to further de-stigmatize Marijuana users, and then also turn it into a body-positive event at the same time? Get women of ALL shapes and sizes in their underwear (or nude) smoking some pot and being photographed doing it!

Gives ME something to do while everyone is drinking, and hopefully, will go a little way to change some negative mind-sets about Marijuana users.

We aren’t all lying on a couch eating Doritos somewhere, and even though it is legal now there is still such a stigma surrounding it, and my hope is that someday it will be just as accepted to say “Mommy needs a bong hit” as it is to say “Mommy needs some wine”.

Head over to the Fort McMurray Marijuana and Cannabis Enthusiast’s page today to RSVP for this event! Please note that anyone attending is consenting to being photographed and having their images displayed publicly, and that this is a Co-Ed event.  I am also going to invite everyone to write up a little blurb about themselves to go along with the blog post. You could say what you do for a living, or why you smoke, or how it helps you or whatever.

Looking forward to meeting you!!