Family Photos don’t have to be boring! One of our favourite local families was back again for more pictures in October wearing their Halloween costumes and ready for an early morning sunrise epic light-saber battle. Poor daddy Vader was the only bad guy so Mama Leia and the kids had so much fun ganging up on him – he sure put up a good fight though!

It was FREEZING cold in Fort McMurray this morning, the leaves crunching beneath our feet in the icy crispness of the early sunrise in the trails behind our home in Thickwood – but they made the most of it and we had so much fun capturing their family photos!

I ALWAYS encourage clients to think outside the box and think of something fun you can do together at your session rather than just sit for portraits. There are ideas in the questionnaire I send out, but here are a few!

Go on a picnic, have a relay race, play in the sprinkler in your backyard, splash in the pool, wander the Birchwood trails, stroll along the waterways, walk the dogs, have a paint fight, a light-saber battle, a pillow-fight, tickle, laugh, tell scary or silly stories or sing songs around a campfire (with marshmallows and hot-dogs), have a wild dance party, play dress-up, dig for worms, play in the mud (or snow, or puddles), have FUN!!

For family photos that aren’t boring, consider Fox and Bird Photography.

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