It’s funny, you’d think because I’m such an introvert that I’d be cool with being cooped up – but I’m losing my mind. This has been such a rough year, I was already at such a low point with my mental health before everything with Covid-19 started, and it really took a dive. I think it’s a combination of Covid-19 isolation, seasonal depression, loss of income, turning 39, my oldest turning 21 and my “baby” turning 6. I’m a mess of emotions. I haven’t been sleeping or eating well in well, about 3 years – my anxiety is through the roof. I really need an outlet.

I ¬†miss shooting – and so because we are still being responsible and social distancing, I decided to hop in front of the camera myself. It is SO much harder photographing yourself than another person! I really wished I’d had batteries in my remote, because instead I had to keep setting the timer and running back and forth between shots. Definitely got a workout!

Here are some shots. It feels good to shoot again but I really can’t wait to get someone else in front of my lens!

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