Our kids were in Newfoundland at their grandparents, so my husband and I decided to host a party. I don’t drink, and he doesn’t smoke but we turned it into a night of drop-in “Stoner Sessions” for anyone willing to go public with their images smoking marijuana.

I invited anyone from our local Facebook group to join for drop-in stoner sessions. We got a great group of women, and had so much fun dancing around the fire smoking until about 3 in the morning.

My hope is that someday, smoking marijuana is as accepted as alcohol. “Mommy needs a joint”, should be just as common as “Mommy needs wine”. I find there is still a huge stigma surrounding this amazing plant, which I personally use to combat my several mental illnesses and chronic pain.

We offer stoner sessions as complimentary add-ons at the end of any shoot. Bring along a pre-roll or a pipe and herb and feel free to enjoy! My hope is that eventually, we will have enough people in our portfolio partaking that it will go a long way to further de-stigmatize it.

We will most DEFINITELY be hosting another of these Pot-Luck Parties next summer in 2020, so check back for details!

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