On the night of the new moon, a frigid cold October evening in the burned and decaying woods, a coven of witches gathered around the fire.

I love Halloween, I always have – and I really had all intentions of being in these shots with this gorgeous group of women – but before they showed up I lit my hair on fire, had a panic attack and was nowhere ready to shoot mentally or physically by the time they arrived.

Then, several of the girls got stuck on the way out to the site we had picked. A few girls didn’t show. I think there were three or four of us thinking this wasn’t going to happen, our anxiety through the roof and the doubt creeping in.

Yet after a few hugs, a few tears, and a lot of  laughs, we shook it off and I shot the girls for the rest of the evening, dancing around the fire, celebrating new friendships, new journeys, and the new moon.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have shot this session. These women are all so incredible – strong, beautiful, and empowered. I could not have asked for a better group to join me on this evening <3

Click any of the images to bring up a larger gallery you can view as a slideshow!

Happy Halloween! (And night of the full moon!) What a night to celebrate!!!


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